Jelly Gel Clear

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Ny Gele, som er lige så stærk som Modeling Gel. Det smarte ved denne gele er den kan påføres direkte fra tuben, uden brug af pensel. Jelly Gel skal hærde i lampe i 60sec. Jelly Gel indeholder 30 ml.

Jelly Gel instructions.1. Make a prep on the nail.2. Apply a coat of Basecoat and cure for 30 sec.3. Slowly apply Jelly Gel from the tube itself, 
squeezing the Gel out while moving the tube.Hardened 60 sec5. Clean the nail with Gel Wipe until dry.File the nail to.7. finish with No Wipe Topcoat, harden 30 sec.NB: avoid contact with the skin,
should the accident be out, cleanse with Gel Wipe.
Wash hands after making nails.

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