Modeling Starter Pack

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Modeling Starter Pack

Become your own nail technician with a professional starter kit. Make your own nails easily. Modeling gel is a product which is a hybrid between acrylic and gel. It is super easy to build up the nails in Modeling gel. With this starter pack, you can extend your nails with either a template or tips. Modeling gel has the flexibility of the gel system and the hardness of the acrylic system.

Start package contains:

1 x LED Lamp
1 x 100 French tip in Box
1 x Templates
1 x Tip Cutter
1 x Modeling gel Clear
1 x Modeling gel Soft pink
1 x Gel brush
1x No Wipe Top Coat
1 x Base Coat
1 x N4Y Nail Glue
1 x N4Y Buffer
3 x N4Y File
1 x Gel wipe 100 ml
1 x Pads
1 x Cuticle pusher
1 x Instruction manual

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