Nail Files

When working on your nails, a nail file is an indispensable part of the process. Explore our complete range of classic and innovative nail files designed for prepping, fixing, cuticles, and buffering. We also offer electric files, bits, and bit sets.


      What Defines a Good Nail File?

      For beautiful and well-groomed nails, a high-quality nail file is invaluable. It's one of the essential tools when working with gel polish or gel nails. The file is used to prep the nail, ensuring proper application of the polish and adhesion of color. You'll also need a file to shape and lengthen the nail as desired.

      When discussing the file's coarseness, known as grit, a number is always indicated on the file, indicating its roughness. A high value like 180/240 is suitable for natural nails, while a low value like 100 is ideal for artificial nails.

      Discover the Best Nail Files at Nail4You

      At Nail4You, you'll find top-quality nail files that won't damage your natural nails. Some of our popular files include the N4Y Nail File 100/180, perfect for various filing tasks during nail prep. If you're looking for a combination file, NY4 Gitte's Design 150/280 is the answer to your prayers, with one side featuring a grit of 100 and the other side at 240 for final buffing.

      If you have thin or fragile nails, pay attention to the N4Y Nail Buffer 320/1000, which gently sands your natural nails without any discomfort.

      Different Types of Nail Files

      Nail files come in various forms and grits, making it advantageous to have a wide selection when working with gel polish or gel nails. Whether you choose a traditional file or an electric nail file is a matter of preference.

      The electric version is ideal if you're a nail enthusiast and create gel polish or gel nails every month. This spares your hands and saves time during removal. However, the traditional file is easier to carry around, requires no power, and takes up less space.

      Find a New High-Quality Nail File at Nail4You

      When you purchase a nail file from N4Y, you get a high-quality file that lasts incredibly long. The handle itself is comfortable to hold, significantly impacting your comfort when working with your hands, fingers, and nails.

      Our N4Y file is developed in collaboration with the best nail technicians in Denmark, ensuring you a high-quality product. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about finding the best nail file for you.