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Modeling gel is a hybrid between gel and acrylics. It has the features we love in both gel and acrylics. Modeling gel hardens when you put it in your LED light, which means you can sculpt it as long as you like until you feel your nail is ready to be hardened. It doesn't run like gel does which makes it easier to sculpt after your preferences.

Perfect for babyboomer design

Modeling Gel:
  1. Apply a layer of basecoat and harden for 30 seconds in our LED lamp
  2. Apply the desired amount of modeling gel onto the nail.
  3. Sculpt the gel by gently pressing on it with our modeling brush (Dip your brush in gel wipe or clean it with our alcohol pads if the gel sticks to your brush)
  4. Harden the gel for 60 seconds.
  5. Wipe your nail off with gel wipe or alcohol pads after hardening.
  6. Sculpt the nail with our nail files in the desired shape.
  7. Finish your design off by applying our no-wipe topcoat.

NB: avoid skin contact, if the accident is out,
remove the product on the skin immediately, remember to wash your finger after making nails.

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