N4Y Snow White Gel

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99 kr

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Our gels is produced by the worlds leading acrylic companies. Our gels is used in many industries including dental care. ⁣

The formular in our gels, is produced to make it easier to create your own nails.


Our products is produced in EU and comply with Danish and european legislation

*All of our products are cruelty free


You should start by applying a thin layer of N4Y gel and harden 60 seconds in LED light. Then you can apply your builder layer (a thicker layer) which you again harden for 60 seconds in LED light before sculpting and shaping your nail with our files.

N4Y gel can harden in both LED and UV light.

NB: avoid skin contact, if the accident is out, 
remove the product on the skin immediately, 
remember to wash your finger after making nails.

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