Nail Art Flakes Ice

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Nail Art Flakes Ice Nail Art Flakes Ice ligner is krystaller. Nail Art Flakes er en transparent Holo flake, den giver en effekt af mange farver i neglen. Nail Art Flakes Ice kan både lægges i gele og akryl negle. Læg Nail Art Flakes på Negletippen og læg et lag Gele eller Akryl over neglen, for ikke at kunne mærke Nail Art Flake når neglen er færdig.

  1. Apply a layer of clear gel.
  2. Sprinkle your favorite glitter on top of the nail.
  3. Finish off your design by applying our No-wipe topcoat.
NB: avoid skin contact, if the accident is out, 
remove the product on the skin immediately,
remember to wash your finger after making nails.

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