Nail Oil - Organic Peach

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Our nail oil is based on jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin B which is essential for building strong and healthy nails.

If you suffer from dry and damaged nails, cuticles and surrounding skin, our nail oil will be a game changer. Use this oil twice a day and you will be able to see result within 2 weeks


Jojobaoil creates balance in your natural body oil. Your body’s natural oil is called sebum and the molecular structure of jojoba is almost identical to sebum so your body can assimilate it easily!

Jojoba has very small molecules compared to other oils, making it easy for the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin to absorb it deeply and get the optimal hydration making the nails strong and more flexible which is making it less likely to break.

Jojoba oil is also bacteria-resistant, hydrating and naturally aids absorption of substances into the skin and nails. That’s the main reason why we added vitamin E and vitamin B. Vitamin E Helps hydrate nails and skin and helps heal damaged nails and cuticles. Vitamin B is essential for building stronger and healthier nails.

5 Benefits of using our oil daily

✔️ Effective and hydrating skin- and nail care

✔️ Biotin - Helps to build strong and healthy nails

✔️ Heals damaged nails, cuticles and skin

✔️ Increases flexibility of your nails = Less likely to break

✔️ Bacteria-resistant and prevents infections

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