Neon Nail Pigment

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Only the imagination sets limits to the possibilities with neon pigments.


The pigments can e.g. mixed in basecoat, topcoat, gel, Builder Gel, RubberBase.

In addition, they can be brushed on a hardened base coat, hardened gel polish or a hardened matte top coat.

To achieve the best possible neon effect, try lying down, e.g. a white gel polish underneath.
  1. Apply a layer of clear gel.
  2. Sprinkle your favorite glitter on top of the nail.
  3. Finish off your design by applying our No-wipe topcoat.
NB: avoid skin contact, if the accident is out, 
remove the product on the skin immediately,
remember to wash your finger after making nails.
  1. Apply a layer of No-wipe topcoat and harden for 30 seconds
  2. Rub your favorite nail art pigment on to the nail. The more you rub, the more shiny it gets!
  3. Finish off your design by applying a layer of No-wipe topcoat
NB Avoid skin contact, if there is an accident, 
clean the area with Gel Wipe.
Remember to wash your hands after use.

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