No-Wipe Top Coat

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No-Wipe Top Coat

Gel polish is a nail system that strengthens your nails for about 30 days. finish your gel polish nails with a glossy Top Coat that does not need to be wiped off with gel wipe.

All our Gel Poles are in fantastic quality and there is no doubt about that when working with them. We have chosen to get 7.5 ml bottles home as this means that you can try many more different colors for less money.


Gel Polish instructions:

1. Start off with one thin layer of Basecoat
2. Apply your gel polish color in thin layers and harden in LED lamp for 30 seconds.
3. Finish off with a layer of no-wipe topcoat

We recommend removing your gel polish with our nail files. It's important that you makes sure not to damage your own natural nails by grinding on them. To avoid damaging your own nails, we recommend applying two layers of basecoat. By doing this, as soon as you see the color of your natural nail when you are grinding, you know you haven't reached your natural nail yet.

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