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Starter Pack - Gel Polish

Starter Pack - Gel Polish

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Become your own nail technician with this professional Gel Polish starter kit. Do your own nails easily, whenever you have time, and it costs far less than in a salon. With a Gel polish starter set, you can strengthen your own natural nails. You get rid of nail polish that peels off and only lasts for a few days. Gel Polish lasts up to 30 days before we recommend a top-up. Gel Polish is perfect for those of you who want perfect, beautiful nails and who at the same time want an easy and fast system. The Gel polish system is a system that anyone who can apply nail polish can master.

Start package contains:
1 x LED Lamp
1 x No Wipe Top Coat
1 x Base Coat
1 x Gel Polish Pink
1 x Gel Polish White
1 x N4Y Buffer
3 x N4Y File
1 x Gel wipe 100 ml
1 x Pads
1 x Cuticle pusher
1 x Instruction manual

About us

Nail4You is a scandinavian family business established in 2006. We have been educating people in scandinavia to use nail products at home and in cliniques for over 20 years.