Electric Nail File

If you want to sand down your gel nails faster, here you'll find our selection of electric nail files, which make the process much easier. Carefully chosen machines, thoroughly tested, and meet N4Y's high standards when it comes to nail equipment.


      Relieve Your Hands with an Electric Nail File for Gel Nails

      With an electric nail file from Nail4You, you can easily remove your gel polish or gel nails in no time. If you've been working on nails for a while, it can be advantageous to replace the traditional nail file with an electric version to relieve your hands. Consideration has been given to ergonomics and comfort in each machine because we believe you should have the best tools available when removing your gel nails.

      Whether you're looking for an electric nail file for home use or professional use, you'll find it all here on this page. Our professional electric nail file is perfect for nail enthusiasts but can also be used by professionals working in salons. If you're often on the go or going on vacation, you can easily pack our compact and convenient manicure machine with a USB plug in your bag.

      Our Newest and Best Electric Nail File

      You'll also find the new, state-of-the-art N4Y manicure machine, which comes with a set of bits and a holder, making it a stylish addition to your nail table. This machine is one of the most powerful on the market and, with its lightweight and quiet design, is a must-have, whether you're doing nails professionally or as a hobby.

      We Have High-Quality Bits

      Bits (file heads) play a significant role in your work. Standard bits are, of course, included with the various electric nail files, but sometimes it's necessary to have a wider selection of bits, depending on your skill level. File heads come in different shapes and coarseness because each one is designed for different areas of the nail. Some file heads are coarse, while others are fine and perfect for cleaning and polishing nails. If you purchase one of our bit sets, we can guarantee that your needs will be met, and you can file your nails to prepare them for a fresh round of gel polish.

      Find Your Electric Nail File at Nail4You

      If you dream of an easier and faster way to remove your gel polish or gel nails, an electric nail file from Nail4You will be the perfect purchase. You can also use an electric nail file for acrylic nails, as it's hard work to sand through acrylic with a regular nail file. Explore the selection and don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about the range.