Rubber base

How quickly can I create a set of beautiful nails? Below, you'll find the complete range of delightful rubber base colors from Nail4You, used in a simple 2-step system. Get inspired for a new set of nails with the extensive selection of rubber base.

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      Working with Rubber Base Gel

      Rubber base is a 2-step system where you only need a rubber base coat and a top coat. However, you can choose to apply a color on top of your base if you want to enhance your gel polish nails. Once you apply your base gel, you'll notice that the consistency is thicker than gel polish. However, the product is flexible to work with, and the brush ensures proper coverage of the nail, as long as you apply the base with a steady hand. In other words, the base will blend with your own nail, providing a natural finish.

      Before applying your rubber base, it's essential to prep the nails beforehand. This results in a much more beautiful outcome, and, in fact, it doesn't take much. Once you've pushed back the cuticles, used a nail buffer, and cleaned the nail with gel wipe, the nail is ready for the application of the base coat.

      Extensive Color Range for Every Taste

      Whether you prefer glitter, neutral, or bold colors, you'll find it all at Nail4You. We aim to offer something for every taste, as everyone should have the opportunity to create their dream nails. The 2-step system is perfect for those who want beautiful sophisticated nails without having to dedicate much time. The result will last up to 3 weeks, which is perfect for a busy everyday life where you might prioritize spending time on yourself.

      Purchase your rubber base coat from Nail4You and simultaneously get stronger and more beautiful nails without compromising on high quality.

      Rubber Base Strengthens the Nail

      The purpose of rubber base is primarily to create sophisticated nails in no time using the easy 2-step system. Additionally, our rubber base has the advantage of strengthening fragile nails that are either soft or prone to splitting or flaking.

      With a base coat from N4Y, you get beautiful nails while strengthening your natural nail. Buy your rubber base coat here on the site and get inspiration on how to create the most beautiful nails that will undoubtedly attract attention from your surroundings.


      What is rubber base?

      Rubber base is a thick-flowing substance used as part of a simple 2-step system along with a top coat. If you want beautiful nails in no time, rubber base is the right choice. However, you can also choose to apply a layer of gel polish on top of your rubber base coat if you want to enhance your gel polish nails.