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Save money on the nail salon and become your own nail technician with this professional gel nails starter kit from Nail4You, which includes tips and templates. Sit at home in the living room, invite friends over, and have a girls' night where you create gel nails on each other.
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Get beautiful and well-groomed nails with Nail4You

If you miss the feeling of freshly painted nails, like when you leave the salon, why not bring that feeling home? At Nail4You, we focus on making nails beautiful. We have all the accessories for your nails, including gel polish, nail gel, nail art, and a wide range of accessories.

Whether you're a beginner, experienced, or a professional, you'll find everything you need at Nail4You. We have a wide range of beautiful colors, tips/extensions, LED lamps, and files.

If you dream of experimenting with nail art, you won't be lacking anything. Here, you'll find glitter, diamonds, stickers, and foil that add a little extra flair to your nails.

When it comes to nails, we never compromise

We've been spoiling our customers with professional nail products since 2007. All products are sourced within the EU and comply with Danish regulations because we value quality and only want to offer you the best.

If you're unsure about how to use some of our products, we're here to guide and assist you on your nail journey.