Nail Glue

Are you in need of a good nail glue? Our N4Y nail glue is the best adhesive for attaching all types of nail tips. The glue is easy to use and is applied effortlessly with the included soft brush, ensuring proper coverage of the area on the artificial

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      Stick to habits that cares for your nails

      You can also use the glue to attach nail art or use it as first aid for split and frayed nails. The great thing about this glue is that it dries in a few seconds, so you don't have to wait endlessly for the nail tip to adhere to the natural nail.

      Purchase your nail glue from Nail4You and get a glue that lasts for up to 2 years if you make sure to close the bottle properly after each use. We have chosen to collaborate with one of the world's largest adhesive manufacturers, which also produces adhesive for nails. This has resulted in this brush-on nail glue, a strong nail adhesive that ensures the nail tips stay in place.

      Prepare Your Nails Before Using Glue

      When working with nail glue and applying nail tips, it's essential to have properly prepared nails. The more careful you are during the preparation of your nails, the more beautiful and long-lasting the result will be. The glue needs to adhere properly to the natural nail, and this is best achieved when the nail is free of dirt or irregularities.

      When applying your nail glue, be sure to avoid getting it on the skin around the nails. If this happens, you can rinse with clean water. If you are looking for nail glue that holds, you should definitely try our N4Y nail glue.

      If your nails tend to easily split, using nail glue is advantageous. We highly recommend our N4Y nail glue for split nails. As soon as you apply the glue, it fills the gaps and holds the nail together.

      Our best nail glue should ideally be stored in a cool place and protected from direct sunlight. After using the glue, it's a good idea to clean the bottle neck to prevent dried glue from accumulating on the edge.