Nail Extensions

Dreaming of long, beautiful nails with shape? Explore our complete selection of nail extensions and templates used to extend your natural nails. Enhance your own nails with high-quality nail products from Nail4You.


      Tips in All Lengths and Shapes

      With nail extensions from Nail4You, you can achieve stunning nails in no time. Whether you tend to bite your nails or your natural nails break as soon as they gain some length, with nail extensions, you're guaranteed beautiful, well-shaped nails that can last for more than 3 weeks if applied correctly and protected from impacts or shocks.

      When your natural nails grow out, there's no need to remove the extensions. Instead, extend the durability by shaping and filling in the regrowth. Unleash your creativity and experiment with different nail extension styles. Almond-shaped nail extensions are particularly suitable for everyday wear, while stiletto nail extensions are perfect for a weekend filled with parties and colors. You might also want to try French nails with our French nail extensions.

      With our transparent nail extensions, you can go all out with colors and apply the gel polish shade you desire. Should the nails be intensely pink, nude, or classic red? It's entirely up to you and your mood. We love it when our customers express their personal style through their nails, adding a bit more color to everyday life. At Nail4You, you'll find everything you need to create irresistible gel nails with extensions.

      How to Apply Nail Extensions

      Applying our nail extensions doesn't require any special experience. Once you've tried it a few times, you'll quickly learn the technique. Our nail extensions come in various shapes and lengths, so just choose the pair you like.

      You can either opt for regular extensions, glued on with regular nail glue, or Press On extensions, attached with thin gel, also known as tip glue, which you can also find on this site.

      With our Press On Ballerina clear extensions, you don't have to think about anything other than applying the nail. Forget about filing work since the nail is already shaped. You also don't have to worry about the nail suddenly breaking off. Our Press On tip glue is so strong that the nail will hold just as long as if it were built up in gel. Before applying your nail extensions, it's essential to prep the nail properly for a beautiful and durable result.

      If you're entirely new to this, consider buying a starter kit containing everything you need for nail extensions. This way, you'll get off to a good start while saving time and money.

      Want to dive into gel nails? Explore our extensive range of gel nails and gel accessories.


      What are nail extensions?

      Nail extensions are used to extend your natural nails. The extensions come in various shapes and lengths, and they are applied easily with glue or as press-on extensions.