N4Y Top Coat / Base Coat

Revitalize your nails and add the finishing touch with an N4Y top coat. Below, you'll find our entire range of high-quality top coats that seal the nail and extend the durability of your gel manicure. All top coats from Nail4You are HEMA-free.


      The Importance of Top Coat

      Top coat is used as the very last step in the process. As soon as the final layer of gel polish or gel has cured, apply a layer of top coat nail polish to seal the nail. If you omit using the last layer of polish, you risk reducing the durability of the nail, which can be disappointing when working with gel polish and gel that can last up to 3-4 weeks.

      It's crucial to use a UV top coat designed for UV lamp light. At Nail4You, you can confidently explore our exciting range of finishing polishes, as all are intended for use in a UV lamp.

      Make a Statement with Your Nails

      At Nail4You, you'll find a wide selection of beautiful top coats with shimmer and glitter that can enhance your nails for any occasion. Try our Glow, which lights up in the dark—you'll surely stand out in nightlife, at festivals, or during other festivities.

      If you want to shine like a diamond, definitely try our Laser Reflective, containing reflective particles that make your nails sparkle to the maximum—whether you're in sunlight or moonlight. Of course, you'll also find completely traditional matte and shiny top coat nail polishes if you're not into glitter or other sophisticated lacquers.

      Find Your Top Coat at Nail4You

      All our finishing polishes have in common that they are HEMA-free, with a focus on minimizing chemicals. We care about your health, and that's why we only use high-quality ingredients that are gentle on nails and cuticles—all polishes are without DBP. When you purchase top coat nail polish from N4Y, you'll achieve beautiful, durable nails without compromising on high quality. If you have questions about our range, feel free to contact us.