N4Y Nail Drill Crystal

N4Y Nail Drill Crystal


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The Manicure Maskine Crystal is a must-have tool for professional nail salons and manicurists. This powerful yet lightweight nail drill provides precision and accuracy, allowing you to quickly and conveniently create the perfect manicure. The Manicure Maskine Crystal is a reliable product with unbeatable results.

High Speed 0-40.000RPM 40w

Led Crystal power speed

Lcd Screen

One Click Pause

Frem og Tilbage rotation

Powerfull Motor

Easy to change Bits

Memory Funktion (Husker sidste indstillinger)

Usb charge til din Mobil telefon

Bits holder 

hand piece holder

All the features you need

Powerful and Precise
Introducing our new manicure machine, engineered to be powerful and precise. With its simple speed control, it can be adjusted from 0 to 40,000 RPM, making it one of the most accurate electric files on the market. Our machine comes with a convenient pause button for effortless operation.

Lightweight and Silent Design
Say goodbye to wrist discomfort during extended use, thanks to the ergonomic and lightweight design. Our thoughtful engineering minimizes vibrations, reducing noise levels and enhancing overall comfort.

LCD Screen with Smart Features
Enjoy the convenience of a sleek LCD screen that simplifies speed adjustments. Our machine is equipped with a memory function, automatically recalling your last settings, making your next manicure session even more efficient and hassle-free.

Forward and Reverse Rotation Button
We've considered every nail enthusiast during production, which is why our machine is designed with a forward and reverse rotation button. With a single press, you can easily switch the rotation direction, accommodating both right and left-handed users with ease.

N4Y Nail Drill

Experience the power, precision, and comfort of our manicure machine. Elevate your nail care routine with this cutting-edge tool that combines innovation and convenience. Order yours today and enjoy beautiful nails without any compromise.

Included bits

Our manicure machine comes with a set of 6 bits, each serving a specific purpose to cater to your nail care needs:

  1. Mandrel Bit:
    Ideal for rough filing work, this bit requires sanding bands for optimal performance.
  2. Barrel Bit (Fine Grit):
    Designed for surface work on the nail, providing a smooth finish.
  3. Safety Bit (Fine Grit):
    Gentle on the skin, this bit effectively removes dead skin and helps shorten the nails.
  4. Thin Flame Bit (Fine Grit):
    Perfect for eliminating dead skin and freeing the nail cuticles.
  5. Round Nib Bit (Fine Grit):
    Crafted for delicate work around the nail cuticles.
  6. Cone Bit (Fine Grit):
    A versatile bit, suitable for precise product removal on narrow areas and buffing the nails.

For more intensive filing tasks, such as heavy-duty work, you can find coarser bits and sanding bands available separately below. These additional accessories will ensure you have everything you need for achieving professional-quality manicures with ease. Enjoy the versatility and convenience of our manicure machine's comprehensive set of bits.