N4Y Starter Pack - Modeling Gel

N4Y Starter Pack - Modeling Gel


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Become your own nail technician with our professional N4Y Starter Pack. Simply, make your own nails easier, better and stop of wasting money on an expensive salon.

Modeling Gel is a product which is a hybrid between acrylic and gel. It is super easy to build up the nails in Modeling Gel. With this Starter Pack, you can extend your nails with either a template or tips. Modeling Gel has the flexibility of the gel system and the hardness of the acrylic system. The best of both worlds.


Contains: 1 x N4Y Starter Pack - Modeling Gel
1 x N4Y LED Lamp
1 x N4Y French Tip (100 units)
1 x N4Y Templates
1 x N4Y Tip Cutter
1 x N4Y Modeling Gel Clear
1 x N4Y Modeling Gel Soft Pink
1 x N4Y Gel Brush
1 x N4Y No Wipe Top Coat
1 x N4Y Base Coat
1 x N4Y Nail Glue
1 x N4Y Buffer
3 x N4Y Files
1 x N4Y Gel wipe
1 x N4Y Wipe Off Pads 
1 x N4Y Cuticle Pusher
1 x N4Y Instruction Manual


Our Starter Packs are produced in EU, and comply with Danish and European regulations.

All of N4Y products are cruelty free.

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Modeling Gel Guide

1. Step

Apply a N4Y Nail Form on your finger.

2. Step

Apply a layer of N4Y Base Coat, and harden for 30 seconds. We recommend that you repeat this step.

3. Step

Apply a layer of N4Y Gel Clear, on the Nail Form, and build to the desired length. Harden for 60 seconds.

4. Step

Take a pea-sized N4Y Modeling Gel, and shape it out, with our Modeling Brush, dipped in our Gel Wipe. Continue until you get your desired shape and length. Harden for 60 seconds.

5. Step

File down any transition or unevenness.

6. Step

Finish off with a layer of our N4Y Top Coat. Harden for 30 seconds.

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